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I’m a Sunshine Coast photographer with more than 25 years’ behind the lens. My love affair with photography started as a teenager at Alex skatepark and I haven’t stopped. What began as a bit of fun led to being published in skateboard and snowboarding magazines. My interest didn’t stop there. I’m fortunate to be able to call myself a well rounded photographer. Having experienced many areas of the industry, from the pressure of internationally significant news events to the stillness of architecture and design.

Creating compelling images that tell my clients stories is what drives me. Over the past two decades, I’ve been fortunate to work with incredible clients across Australia and beyond. My work has been featured on the front page of most Australian newspapers, in major magazines, on gallery walls, and in powerful campaigns for some of the world’s most recognisable brands. I’ve worked with government departments, media outlets, corporate clients and individuals, amassing experience and knowledge across all areas of photography.


"Cannings Butchers are all about quality. So whenever we need amazing, dramatic still imagery of our retail stores, we use Stefan."

Sam Cannings - Founder - Cannings Butchers

“We have had the good fortune of having Stefan photograph our work over a number of years now. The service, quality and can-do attitude ensure that we are able to present ourselves to clients professionally.
It is amazing that Stefan can capture the energy and feel of our buildings to the degree that we have absolute confidence in him.”

Andrew Collins - Director - Collins PENNINGTON Architects

“When I first met Stefan, the thing that struck me was how approachable and relatable he was. When you want the best out of a project, working with people who understand the objectives because they take the time to listen and then offer their best expertise for the job is invaluable. Stefan is an easy communicator, is genuinely engaged with the subject matter, and is an exceptional professional.”

Anthony Worm - Architect - Equitecture & Architecture Etcetera

“Stefan’s professionalism and skill have added so much value to my business. He has been responsible for much of my business portfolio photographs and is a complete joy to work with. His product is faultless and we are constantly getting great feedback from clients about his photos. I happily recommend Stefan to everyone. Stefan is a true asset.”

Belle Chadwick - Owner - Chadwick Designs

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